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Q. 1I had subscribed for Print & Online versions of a journal in March '12. Till January 2013 the 2012 year's complete print issues were not sent to me. Why has my online access been blocked in this case?
Ans.Print versions are volume based where as online versions are calendar year based. This means, print versions get dispatched by the publisher and online versions are available through us for the period January - December of that particular year. To enjoy constant access, you need to get the subscription renewed online with us.
Q. 2What is meant by Online Subscription Policy?
Ans.This is a time bound policy wherein you are given access to publications from January to December i.e. for one calendar year only. You can access whatever is published within this time frame. Current Year Subscription means the Subscribed year plus back files from 2005 onwords, (given free of cost, if available).
Q. 3What are the different ways to access past years' files i.e. of years apart from current year?
Ans.There are three ways of accessing past years' files, as per our policy:
Method 1- Current Subscription Under which you can access back files from 2005 onwards, if available.
Method 2- Archives Under which you can access 10 years files, starting from 2004 to 1995. However, as per our policy, Archive gets activated only when it has minimum 5 years content. Until then, till the beginning of 5th year, the content is shown as a part of current subscription only. For further details please click here.
Method 3- Deep Archives under which you can access files available from 1994. For further details, click here.

Archives and Deep Archives are based on perpetual accessibility subject to annual activation i.e. you pay only once in your lifetime to subscribe Archives / Deep Archives and pay a nominal activation cost to get updated Archives/Deep Archives. Please check our Subscription Policy for more details.

Q. 4Till last year, I was able to view the contents beyond 2005. This year, suddenly my access is restricted to 2005 only.
Ans.You were viewing current year + back files from 2005 only by default. Under current subscription, one can access contents from 2005 only, however, the archives were less than 5 years old, the same were shown under current subscription only, click here.
Q. 5Why do I need to pay Annual Activation Charges for archives when they are based on "perpetual access policy"?
Ans.This is because of the following reasons:
  1. Archives are offered for a period of 10 years. As a new year gets added, the oldest year is automatically deleted from the offer list.
  2. If you pay in the 5th year, you get access for 10 + 4* years.
  3. The maximum that you have to pay is for 10 years only.
Q. 6What is the right time to subscribe to Archives / Deep Archives?
Ans.The best time to subscribe to an archive / deep archive is as soon as it gets activated. This is because, in case of an archive, you will get access for 10 + 4* default years by simply paying for 10, instantly.
Q. 7I want to sample the content to get a basic idea. How is that possible?
Ans.There are 2 simple ways to that:
  1. We offer sample copies. Please check the home page of the respective journal you are interested in.
  2. For institutes, we offer a month Trial Access facility - a single session per institute - to show how IP based access works. The facility is available on the journal home page.
Q. 8I had placed an order with ijour.net but I am receiving supplies from various societies? Is something wrong in the processing?
I had placed an order with a society but seem to be getting supplies from ijour.net?
Ans.There is no cause for confusion. ijour.net co-publishes journals in association with societies and in such cases ijour.net is responsible for printing and dispatch, irrespective of who (society or ijour.net) receives the payment.

In cases where the respective society/publisher is responsible for printing and dispatch, the publication will be dispatched to you by them, irrespective of the fact who (society or ijour.net) receives the payment.
Q. 9How can I keep a track of new issues added to publications I have subscribed to?
Ans.Please opt for our TOC Alerts and you will be kept updated about the new releases. The link for the same is available on the home page of each publication.
Q. 10Is there a way to keep a track on the usage of ijour.net in my institute?
Ans.Yes, there is! A Users' Track facility is available. Log-in into the users' section on the home page of ijour.net.
Q. 11I am not receiving the asked-for print copies regularly/at all. But your team confirms they have been dispatched.
Ans.TOC Alerts will keep you informed about new issues. Print copies should reach you within 10-15 days of sending alert. If that is not happening, the following could solve the problem:
  1. Please check your address in the User's section and cross check the same with our team.
  2. Recommend a courier company/registered post.
  3. Please make sure you send the acknowledgement after receipt of order. This will help us check the credibility of the dispatch mode used by us.
Q. 12Why do you recommend a Subject Collection as advantageous?
Ans.A subject collection is a bundle of subject-specific publications on a given date. The advantages of subscribing to a subject collection are:
  1. These are offered at discounted prices.
  2. Any publication uploaded to the same subject category, during the given subscription period, can be accessed without paying any additional charges.

Access policy
Q. 13What does Single User Access or IP Access mean?
Ans.Single User Access means an exclusive username will be allotted to you, along with a password which you can change. This username is specifically for one person only. Multiple logins from the same name lead to the user being blocked.

IP based Access happens within a geographical range of an institute and is free of passwords. Only one username is allotted in this case too.
Q. 14What if I want Multi-User Access or Site Licensing?
Ans.Please contact our team for more information at info@ijour.net

PDF access
Q. 15The IP address does not exist in our database, you cannot view the PDFs?
Ans.You have to use your username and password to login ijournet Journals. If you are registered user you can view the files.
Q. 16PDF will not open in IE8 on Windows 7?
Ans.Installed Acrobat Reader 9.2 on Windows 7 machine and it works!
Use Firefox, Google Chrome then !
Q. 17Using IE8 with Adobe Acrobat Reader / Professional using version number less than 9.0?
  1. Reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader/Professional after installation of IE8 is complete
  2. Use the following steps:
    To configure the browser to use Acrobat or Adobe Reader to open PDF files:
    1. Close your web browser.
    2. Start Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
    3. Choose Edit > Preferences.
    4. Select Internet in the list on the left.
    5. Deselect Display PDF in Browser, and click OK.
    6. Restart Internet Explorer

    Note: The next time you select a link to a PDF file, the browser may prompt you to open or save the file. If you choose to open the file, then the browser opens the file in the main application that you have specified. If you choose to save the file, then the browser downloads the file to your hard disk.
  3. Uninstall ADOBE ACROBAT PROFESSIONAL and install FOXIT Reader

Related to Login
Q. 18 I am not able to login with my user id?
Ans. If you are an existing user then your User Id is no longer valid to login to ijournet Journals, use your Email Id for login OR password is not valid.
Q. 19 Can I use my User Id to log in, since I don't have my Email Id?
Ans. If you are an existing user and have a valid User Id and password, then you will be allowed to login but you will be taken a new page to confirm your Email Id. You will receive an email to active your ijournet Journals account.
Q. 20 I don't have my Email Id how do I login?
Ans. If you are an existing user and in the past have used your User Id for login, then use same User Id in the Home Page for log in but this time system will automatically take you to a new page to confirm your Email Id. Once you have confirmed your Email Id, you will receive an email in your given email address. Open that email and click on the link to activate your account. Then re-login with your Email Id.
Q. 21 What I have to do once I have confirmed my email id?
Ans. Once you have confirmed your Email Id, you will receive an email in your given email address. Open that email and click on the link to activate your account. Then re-login with your Email Id.
Q. 22 What is the email activation process?
Ans. The process by which you activate your ijournet Journals account, this is done by clicking on the link provided in your email which you have received after confirmation. You can not login unless you activate your account.
Q. 23 I have confirmed my email id but I am still not able to login.
Ans. Once you have confirmed your email id, the system sends you an email at your confirmed email address. Open that email and click on the link provided there, this will activate your account to login.
Q. 24 Why confirmation of Email Id is required?
Ans. To ensure you're the owner of the email address and you hold an account with ijournet Journals. After confirmation the system sends out a mail to your email address, which has the link to activate your account.
Q. 25 Can I login without confirming my email address?
Ans. No, you can't login without confirmation of your email address followed by the activation process.
Q. 26 Can I login without activating my account?
Ans. No, you have to activate your account; this is a one time process. Once you have activated your account the system will not ask you to activate your account again in future.
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